The Rhubarb

Rheum rhabarbarum


We grow it as a perennial plant and reproduce it with pieces of roots of the adult plant. We gather flowers before they bloom because they use a lot of nutrients. After ten years, it must be transplanted elsewhere because it is old, and in worse conditions, it will decay faster.


A plant needs at least 1m2.


Sunny or half-shade, preferably the latter.


A plant is enough for a family.

Date of sowing

Spring or autumn.


Before transplanting, we fertilize the soil well with manure, in winter we wrap it up with compost of house, in summer we water it a few times with a mixture of nettles.


During periods of drought, it is good once a week, but very deep; otherwise, it is not necessary.

Good neighbors

spinach, cruciferous, onion, garlic, roses

Bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

It is not a difficult plant, but we provide that the earth is light, and we prevent the accumulation of water at the roots.


We cut the petioles until mid-July, later they contain too much oxalic acid. We do not cut the leaves, but we unroll them.


We use the petioles of the leaves, which must be added to cooked fruit, juices, jams, and sweets, but we can also prepare soups and risottos. Still-closed buds of flowers can be prepared like broccoli. It contains much dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Thanks to the oxalic acid in the leaves, these should not be consumed. Rhubarb is also not recommended for pregnant women during breastfeeding, in case of problems with the prostate, hemorrhoids, the urinary tract, kidney stones and gallstones, arthritis, or gout.


It needs light and moist earth and plenty of space. It also succeeds well in partial shade. The earth must always be covered with organic mulch. Many are allergic to rhubarb leaves, so we use gloves during work.

Special features

  • It comes from the Far East. Its leaves are a good compost material. With rhubarb leaf tea, we can water the earth before sowing crucifers to prevent cruciferous hernia.

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