The Parsley

Petroselinum crispum


We plant on a permanent place, abundant species also from seedlings. On window sills, it will also work well as an indoor plant.


Among the rows at least 30 cm, between the plants in a row for the leaf species next to each other, for the root species at least 5 cm.


Half shadow to shadow.


Three to six plants per person.

Date of sowing

Outdoors April-June (the earth’s temperature must exceed 5 ° C); for January quantities. It sprouts for about four weeks.


With home compote, we avoid manure. If necessary, mineral fertilizers with potassium. We regularly press the earth.


It does not need much water. For a beautiful and robust root during the drought, we water it once a week up to a depth of 30 cm. If we also water on the leaves, we avoid the Ericaceae.

Good neighbors

black horseradish, cucumber, tomato, beetroot, leek, radish, asparagus, onion, garlic

Bad neighbors

radicchio, lettuce

Diseases and pests

Erisipacea, leaf, and root lice. They occur if manure is used too much.


We cut the leaves as needed (about 2.5 cm above the beginning of the briar). We stock the roots in the ground, covered with straw, because they do not freeze, or in cold cellars. Let some plants pass the winter. The leaves (whole) can be frozen.


We use the leaves and the root. It contains many vitamins, including potassium, iron, and carotene.


We use fresh seed. For sprouting, the seeds need a little light, so the seeds must be only 1-2 cm below the ground. If we sow early, we water with valerian tea. Light earth does him good, with good air circulation. I can spend the winter outdoors.

Special features

It is a biennial plant that, in the first year, develops only the leaves in the second year instead of the stem with inflorescences. It loves more rich and humid earth and a sunny position or the mezzombra.

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