The Melons

Cucumis melo


We grow them from seedlings to have time to ripen. For strong roots, we fill the pots for the shoots up to, later we add the earth to fill the jar. We transplant them outdoors when it is already boiling. If possibly the air cools, we wrap them with straw.


Among the rows at least 1 m, between the plants in a row at least 0.5 m.


With sunny skies.


A plant per person.

Date of sowing

For shoots the second week of April. It sprouts from 8 to 14 days.


We further fertilize with compost, or we plant them on the compost heap. We also use the seaweed concoction and garlic, onion, chamomile or sage preparations.


It is necessary to water them regularly. We do not drink water on the leaves.

Good neighbors

sweet corn, beans, black radish, beans, peas, beetroot, basil, nasturtiums, sunflower

Bad neighbors

pumpkins, zucchini, potato

Diseases and pests

If water accumulates in the soil, the soil fungi develop, and the plant dies. For at least four years, we don’t plant watermelons, melons, cucumbers or pumpkins on the same place.


The fruit is ripe when circular cracks appear near the petiole, and we can remove it without problems from the plant. We store them for a short time in a cold environment because they quickly lose their flavor.


Its fruits are beneficial and refreshing in summer since they contain a lot of water, vitamin B, and C and minerals.


We use the sunniest locations because it requires a lot of sun and heat.

Special features

We also place them among the fruit. If in a warm climate, they can succeed even with direct sowing on a permanent place, elsewhere, we use seeds, or we grow them in greenhouses.

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