The Lamb’s Lettuce

Valerianella locusta


We cultivate it with direct seeding; the crop from seedlings is being tested. It already manages when the temperature exceeds 5 ° C, the optimal temperatures for growth and development turn around 18 ° C


Among the rows at least 20 cm, between the plants in a row at least 2 cm.


With sunny skies.


At least ten plants per person.

Date of sowing

In August, we sow it in the shade or provide shade. In September and October, we sow it to use it in the spring. We can also plant it in the spring until mid-April. It sprouts for about four weeks.


It does not need unique fertilization. We already do a lot by providing light soil. Incorrect or excessive fertilization can lead to the accumulation of nitrates.


Watering is necessary only for summer sowing. Otherwise, it grows in periods that do not suffer from a lack of water. Since the roots are not sincere, you need to water it regularly during the drought.

Good neighbors

radicchio, beans, Chinese cabbage, broad beans, tomato, peppers, cucumbers, radish, sweet corn, strawberries

Bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

Its main enemy is the weed. We avoid other problems with land clearing, preventing the water from accumulating, we do not use the veil, and we fertilize moderately.


We cut it as needed. In the fridge, we can keep it for a few days, but not washed and in bags that breathe.


Fresh leaves, like other lettuces.


We ensure that the earth is light. Sowing in summer should be watered and put in the shade. Since it does not sprout in the year in which we collect it, we use the old seeds, or we put fresh seeds for a few days in the fridge. Seeds should not be stored in plastic bags.

Special features

It even contains more vitamins and minerals than lettuce. Being a close relative of valerian, it has a calming function. It is a non-demanding plant that does not need special care, and we can sow it along with with the radicchio that winters.

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