The Carrot

Daucus carota


We sow it on a permanent place when the temperature of the earth exceeds 8 ° C. Otherwise. It germinates more slowly.


Between the rows at least 30 cm, in a row next to each other.


With sunny skies.


About 30 plants per person.

Date of sowing

April-July (the earth’s temperature must be above 8 ° C), some species until September. In September and October, we can plant in unheated greenhouses for wintering. Sprouts from 10 to 20 days.


With home compote. We add fertilizer during the period of the highest leaf growth. It needs a lot of potassium, less phosphorus, and even less nitrogen. We do not fertilize with manure, but we can sow it after the plant for which we used the fertilizer.


Needs regular supply with water. Otherwise, the roots will split. We water once a week up to 40 cm deep. It is also possible through the leaves but in the morning.

Good neighbors

onion, garlic, leek, chard, black horseradish, chives, radicchio, radish, tomato, lettuce, marjoram, dill, mint, marigold

Bad neighbors

parsley, parsnip

Diseases and pests

Larvae of elaterids, lice, carrot fly, alternate of carrots. We ensure that the earth is light, that the distances between the rows are adequate, do not fertilize with manure.


We uproot with the help of the forks for hoeing before the leaves begin to dry out. We are buried in the sand in damp and cold cellars.


We consume the root, raw, or cooked. It is an essential source of antioxidant beta carotene and other vitamins.


We use fresh seed. We allow a higher earth temperature if we cover it a few days before sowing with plastic wrap after planting instead with a veil. Early sowing should be watered with valerian tea. We ensure that the earth is light.

Special features

For the germination, it needs some sunray, so the seeds should not be buried profoundly, or we push them into the ground with the top side of the rake. Adult plants can be mulched with organic matter and thereby prevent the roots from developing green ends.

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