The Beetroot

Beta vulgaris


Usually, we sow directly on the permanent site. We can also use plants.


Among the rows at least 30 cm, among the plants in a row 5 cm.


With sunny skies.


About 20 plants per person.

Date of sowing

April to June. Summer sowing must be in the shade. It sprouts from 8 to 14 days.


With home compote. It needs a lot of potassium, less phosphorus, and even less nitrogen. We avoid manure. It is sensitive to the lack of boron. We fertilize further with a concoction of comfrey or with wood ash.


During the sprouting period, the earth must always be moist, after which it does not need much water. We water rarely, but up to 30 cm deep. We can do it on the sheets, but only in the morning. We mulch with organic mulch, the consolidated concoction is the best.

Good neighbors

onion, black horseradish, chives, beans, kohlrabi, cucumbers, parsnips, parsley, lettuce, sweet corn

Bad neighbors


Diseases and pests

Lice, nematode, erisifacea, Attica. We do not use manure, and we do not add nitrogen, we use organic mulch.


We stock young plants, we remove the leaves, and during the winter, we put it in the sand in a cold and damp cellar. We are careful not to damage the root.


We consume the leaves and the root. The leaves can be used as well as the spinach. The root can be preserved, but also prepared in the oven as well as new potatoes. It contains red anthocyanin, amino acids, and some rare minerals (cesium, strontium, cobalt).


If we have sown too much altogether, we can disseminate. The long species will give you more harvest on the same surface.

Special features

  • It is very useful for all those who suffer from anemia.
  • It does well even in half shade.
  • It is a relative of the beet.

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