Motorcycle top case: types, homologation and purchase advice

It often happens that while we are riding our motorcycle we feel the need for comfort, space, an accessory that can comfortably accommodate the helmet or gloves, in case we have to stop in a bar, in a club or in the office. Or an adequate space also to not be in difficulty in the most disparate situations, for example going shopping or buying a gift or, again, preparing the bag to go to the gym. All this is possible thanks to a simple motorcycle trunk to be mounted on the back of the bike thanks to the special luggage rack. The top case is sold by many brands and are made, as for the side bags we have already talked about, in different materials (plastic, aluminum and fabric. Obviously for a choice as conscious as possible you will have to take into account the price, but above all what are your needs. If you need quick solution, top box is right here.

Aesthetics or Functionality?

The rear cases are suitable for both medium or large displacement motorcycles and scooters of all types. There are many, in fact, the manufacturers who design and manufacture the top cases, so as to provide the customer with the ability to mount this original accessory. Some scooters are sold with the top case included in the price while, usually, most of the motorcycles, especially for those of large displacement, which have available the original top cases it is necessary to buy them separately because they are not included in the purchase of the bike.

There are many brands that invest in this market and there are also very different products that are proposed. The main dilemma you have to pay attention to when you decide to buy your top case is: do you prefer aesthetics or functionality? Certainly the goal of each of us when we buy a product is to buy an object that is beautiful and at the same time perfect for our needs, but it is not always so obvious and easy as an objective. Often the motorcycle cases are very beautiful, well cared for in construction and also in materials, but often not very functional and poorly adapted to the needs of the motorcyclist. Conversely, many products are perfect for the needs, spacious, durable but the eye wants its part. It will therefore be necessary to unravel the market trying to choose a product that can be as congenial as possible to our bike and our needs.

Rigid cases

In aluminium, polycarbonate or plastic, the top cases can be made of rigid material. These cases offer security thanks to the possibility of closing the back case with the keys provided directly by the production company. In addition, they provide greater protection of the objects stored inside the top case. The aluminum top cases are perfect for those who travel and love touring, thanks to their strength they can withstand even the hardest shocks, while the motorcycle top cases made of plastic are lighter, less resistant than those in aluminum but still able to absorb any trauma.

Soft cases

In addition to hard top cases there are many types of top cases made of fabric (usually found in canvas, leather or imitation leather) that make lightness and versatility their main strengths in a market that, as we have seen, offers any type of motorcycle top case. For those who are looking for comfort, little effort and little space, the solution of soft fabric top cases is the best possible choice, also because they are easily detachable from the carrier and have a ridiculous weight. On the other hand, of course, there is the lack of efficiency in protecting the inside of the top case and often there is not even the presence of an airtight closure or with a security key, but with a simple zipper. The soft top case is certainly more suitable for those who travel often in the city and do not want to increase the size of their motorcycle.

Dimensions and prices

Small backpacks, bags or bags or large compartments where to store your helmet and technical clothing, the dimensions (as well as materials) of motorcycle cases are very different and the most diverse. We find in fact, especially among the soft top cases, sizes that start from a liter, a liter and a half capacity up to 20/25 liters, passing obviously through medium sizes such as 10 and 15 liters. These types of trunk are often also the most economical solutions, obviously depends on the brand from which we want to buy the product in question. We are talking about products that in principle do not cost less than 20 euros, but that hardly exceed 100 euros.

The question is different with regard to cases made of rigid material. The dimensions usually start from 15/20 liters and can reach up to 58 liters of capacity for a maximum load of 10 kilograms. Cases made of rigid material are safer and guarantee a better safety but they cost, logically, more than soft cases. The cost varies from 80 euros and can go up to more than 400 euros.

What the law says

As we wrote for the side bags, motorcycle top cases are also subject to the highway code. On the other hand, for those interested in fitting aftermarket top cases, it is necessary to keep in mind what article 170 of the Highway Code says: “it is forbidden to carry objects that are not solidly secured, that protrude laterally with respect to the axis of the vehicle or longitudinally with respect to the shape of the vehicle more than fifty centimeters, or prevent or limit the driver’s visibility”. In essence, the pair of top cases may not be more than one meter wide.

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