How to Prepare the Garden for Spring

If we look around, it is easy to realize: the season of flowers has arrived. A real sign that serves as a reminder to start preparing the garden for spring. A vital fact, since the gardening work we do now, will depend on how our piece of nature looks in the sunny months. And it is logical. Although we don’t realize it, winter has wreaked havoc in our garden. The cold, the rain, and the low temperatures have been the perfect cocktail to spoil it, both visibly and invisibly.

But let’s not get confused. When we talk about preparing the garden for spring, we are not doing great things. Our primary mission is to alleviate the effects of the cold on our plants but also on the soil in which they grow. It will be only thanks to these tasks that we will ensure that the plants sprout again but, also, how we can consider planting new plants.

So get to work! Enjoying our garden in full swing well deserves to spend a little time.


When we consider how to prepare the garden for spring, we often don’t know where to start. However, it is simple: the priority is to review the state of our plants. If we have taken the necessary precautions, the vast majority of our plants will have survived the rigors of winter. If this is not our case, the starting point should be to eliminate dead or icy plants. But, in case you have any doubt about whether or not a plant is alive, it is not enough to give it a small period of barracks. A way to see if, with the arrival of sunny days, life surpasses even winter.

That said, let’s see in detail what we should do to prepare the garden for spring. A commitment to savoring those months of the sun that we are looking forward to.

1. Eliminate weeds

It is the starting point when preparing the garden for spring. Taking advantage of the cold months, plants tend to increase much. Something that adds to that, in that same period, we pay less attention to our garden. Eradicating weeds should be the beginning of our gardening work. But be careful: doing so happens to employ us thoroughly. Not only will it be necessary to eliminate them: it is essential to pluck their roots to prevent them from coming out again.

The effort to eliminate them ultimately is not due to aesthetic reasons. Weeds or adventitious are resource thieves of our plants. And not only that: added, they are a real magnet for pests. Two important reasons why, either by hand or using a herbicide, there is no sign of them.

2. Improve the ground, essential when preparing the garden for spring

Although one of the most visible effects of cold is the death of some plants, the thing goes much further. Low temperatures tend to weigh the ground, complicating life a lot. Also, heavy rains have carried a good part of the nutrients in the substrate. And not only that: the caked ground is a real enemy of the root of our plants. Not only does it not favor the proper absorption of nutrients. Also, it does not allow us to evacuate the excess water putting in danger our plant.

Therefore, without weeds, it is time to take some time. To begin, we will have to eliminate all those dead leaves, branches, and flowers that we find. Having a tidier floor will make it easier for us to work as we should.

The next thing we have to do is start breaking the lumps of land. Those that are created with the cold, and that prevent the entry of oxygen into the earth. For this, the ideal is to dig between 20 and 30 centimeters of our soil. In this way, we will have the option to air it correctly. And not only that: it will also allow us to add new substrate and apply both organic fertilizer and mineral fertilizer. The idea is to mix the first with the earth and use the second on the surface once the task is finished.

And, although we talk about preparing the garden for spring, this same task can also be done with our pots. After all, they suffer the same consequences of the cold of winter.

3. Review irrigation, a way to anticipate summer

Oh, the cold! To him, we not only owe the state of our garden. Also, at any given time, the situation in which our irrigation system is. To avoid being caught by the bull when temperatures rise, it is the perfect time to see if it works thoroughly. The cold and frost have been able to break some of its hoses. And even block the water outlet in sprinklers or drippers.

4. Sanitize the lawn, another fundamental aspect to prepare the garden for spring

It is time to dust off the lawnmower and begin to pamper our grass cover a little. Although during the cold months we have let our grass grow freely, this prelude to spring forces us to tame it again. For this, the ideal is that we begin to mow with some regularity. A task that must be accompanied by retaking, little by little, an irrigation pattern in line with rising temperatures.

But these are not the only tasks that our lawn will demand. Another fundamental aspect is that we eliminate weeds that may have and, also, that we supplant the areas where weeds are lacking. Something closely linked to these adventitious plants but also the accumulation of moisture during the winter months.

5. Plant lively, bulbous or annual

And, at this point in preparing the garden for spring, it is time to enjoy. To enjoy. And planting new plants is always synonymous with joy. If we opt for outdoor plants, we can see their weight in our garden at the same time as planting. The same does not happen with the bulbs, which will take their time to emerge on the ground. Something that does not detract from the beauty and that, without a doubt, is not suitable for impatient.

Combining one and the other is a beautiful way to create an attractive balance between the immediate and the short term. A method, in fact, to make our spacious living and changing one. The best proposal to get even more profit.

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