Generator for home – which is better: gasoline, diesel or gas

The centralized supply of electricity sometimes fails, this is due to the weather, and accidents, and with overload, and with preventive work on the networks. And although an emergency shutdown is a sudden occurrence, and even employees of energy enterprises cannot prevent it, it is still possible to prepare for it in advance. Choose 12000 watt dual fuel generator

The best alternative to mains electricity is a generator. Generators are often used for backup power supply in private houses, cottages, various enterprises, in the field of medicine, telecommunications, as well as in the banking industry. In the absence of power supply in the area, the generator serves as a constant source of current, and in this case, it is important not to make a mistake when choosing the type of generator.

Choosing a generator for your home and for the enterprise – different things, and we recommend to consider when choosing not only the power of the generator but also the type of fuel on which it works. This can be gasoline, diesel fuel (diesel fuel), and gas.

Let’s say right away that these types of fuels differ in price, for example, the electricity obtained from a gasoline engine is more expensive than that produced by a diesel generator or gas power plant. But on the other hand, gasoline generators have a lot of other advantages that buyers have already appreciated, it is not without reason that gasoline generators are the most common and their percentage of all generator sales in Ukraine is 90, that is, the overwhelming majority. Diesel generators, in turn, have their own area of ​​application – this is production, where the loads are so increased that the gas generator simply cannot withstand them.

In order to always be able to power the necessary electrical devices, it is worthwhile to study in more detail how different types of engines differ from generators, and where is it better to use which generator: gasoline, diesel, or gas. 

Relatively low noise level (up to 70 dB), especially if this is a model in a sound-absorbing housing, and the engine is equipped with a silencer. Such a generator can be installed outdoors, it does not need a separate room or container. In addition to the closed version, a gas generator for a home is often made on a frame in an open forum, and is cooled using air (natural) cooling. It should be installed indoors.

Basically, gasoline generators are equipped with four-stroke internal combustion engines. The brand of fuel used is necessarily indicated in the passport for the generator, mainly A-95 or A-92 gasoline is used, which depends on the specific generator manufacturer. The technical design of any gasoline engine in the generator is such that they can withstand long-term uninterrupted operation with difficulty or do not “pull” at all. The limit of work without interruption is about 5-8 hours in different models, and then it is necessary to maintain technological pauses for at least two hours.

A diesel generator does not need such pauses, but gasoline generators are easy to start even at low air temperatures, which cannot be said about a diesel engine.

Another strong argument in favor of gasoline power plants is their low cost. If we take the same technical characteristics as a basis, then the model of a household generator with gasoline will be the cheapest compared to models that run on gas and diesel fuel.

Gasoline generators are used mainly as a short-term backup power supply for private houses, retail outlets, outdoor mass events, repair teams, etc.

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