Basic Gardening Tools: Which Ones to Have (Part 2)

4. Garden tip shovel, the one for gardening

We can believe that with a simple shovel is enough. But no. When it comes to gardening, the ideal thing is to opt for a garden tip shovel. Its main characteristic is that it is curved and with a more pointed end. Thanks to him, we can easily make holes in the ground. Something more than useful when we need to dig wells to plant roses, trees, or shrubs.

5. Hoe, one of the basic gardening tools that can not be missing

Having a hoe among our basic gardening tools means greatly simplifying our work. Not only does it allow us to aerate and remove the soil before planting. It is also perfect for helping us eradicate weeds because, by its shape, it will make it easier for us to root them.

There is no single perfect hoe but, rather, different types. From the hoe binator, with a single blade, to the hoe bidentate or tridentate without forgetting one of the tips of the heart. All of them are perfect for small jobs in the garden, and all of them are more than useful.

7. Pruning shears, the tool that cannot be missing

And you can’t do it because we will give you multiple uses. It is not the only key when pruning rose bushes, shrubs, or plants. It will also allow us to remove dried branches of all kinds of plants, clean up those that demand it, or even cut cuttings.

Before choosing one or another pruning shears, a couple of notes. On the one hand, choosing these basic gardening tools should be done according to the size of our plants. On the other, it is worth knowing a little more in-depth the different pruning tools since, only knowing what each one is for, we can choose the most suitable for our needs.

8. Garden rake, much more than to collect

When talking about the garden rake, it is usually thought that it is only to collect leaves in autumn. And yet, its uses are much more varied. In addition to leaves, this type of basic gardening tool is perfect for cleaning the lawn after mowing. Thanks to your teeth, we can collect the grass that we have cut but has not been picked up by the mower.

9. Bulb planter, the ideal tool to ensure the success of these plants

A tool that can not be missed among bulb lovers. Its depth of plantation is usually one of the headaches of those who bet on the cultivation of bulbs. And, to get rid of doubts, nothing like having this tool. It will not only make it easier for us to dig the hole we need to plant them. It will also make it very easy for us to get the depth right

10. Cut grass, the key to garden maintenance

There is no doubt: for those who have a lawn area, lawn mowing is one of the basic gardening tools. Only with one of them, whether mechanical or manual, can we keep grass growth at bay.

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